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Bus Passenger's Rights in Western Province

·         You have the right to buy a ticket at the start of your journey, prior to the bus leaving the bus stand

·         You have the right to obtain a ticket depicting the location of boarding and dismounting, the ticket fare date, and the number of the bus.

·         You should be able to travel safely up to the destination to which the fee was paid for.

·         You should receive courteous, welcoming service by a well-mannered, smartly and decently clad bus conductor and driver.

·         If a bus in normal service, children between the ages of 3 and 12 years should be able to travel at half the normal adult bus rate.

·         If a luxury bus service, you should enjoy air conditioning facilities and travel in a service not carrying more than the approved number of passengers.

·         As smoking is forbidden in public transport services, you have the right to travel in a smoke free environment.

·         You have the right to oppose driving that is of high speed, reckless and dangerous or is breaking road rules. You have the right to oppose the use of a mobile phone by the driver, whilst driving the bus as well.

·         You have the right to travel in a bus that uses only a radio in terms of audio/visual devices. You have the right to travel in a bus, which if using a radio, should use it to a maximum volume of 80 decibels only.

·         When travelling in the bus which is under authority of the license department, you should be able to perceive that the doors are closed during moving of vehicle.

·         As the paying passenger is the most valued person in the bus, he/she should receive the deserving polite and friendly service.

·         You should be serviced by un-intoxicated service personnel.

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